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**update December 2019: although you can still visit the site and view the bridge, and the museum at Échillais remains open, the bridge itself has been closed for maintenance since 2016.  It was scheduled to reopen in time for the 2019 summer season but didn't - we now understand that the bridge will be working again in spring 2020.  We will update this page when more information is available**

The Transbordeur Bridge at Rochefort was built in 1900 and declared a national monument in 1976.  It is now one of only eight remaining operational bridges of this nature in the World, and the only one in France.  

The bridge crosses the Charente to the south of Rochefort.   Set your satnav to Avenue Jaques Demy if approaching from the Rochefort Side, otherwise for the village of Échillais if approaching from Royan, ile d'Oleron, or the south.  The bridge is open throughout the summer months for pedestrians and cyclists.   The bridge is open every day, but hours do vary - so please check.  

There is a splendid cafe on the Rochefort side, serving particularly nice salads.  On the opposite side of the river to Rochefort, in Échillais, there is a free museum.

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