Le Triskèle Holiday CottagesBlog

Bring your binoculars!

As the sun sets, enjoy the sights and sounds of our peaceful French village life!  Of course the occasional car will pass, and our church clock marks the hour and the half hour pleasantly, such that over time you will listen out in anticipation of its chime, but will also appreciate that it ceases sounding at a civilised 9pm.  

However, mostly you will get a chance to experience the local wildlife - the crickets, the birds making their last song of the day; the wonderful call of the hoopoe bird; the barn owl which passes every evening at dusk squarking as it goes in search of prey, or perhaps a mate; a few bats darting silently overhead (completely harmless, honestly).  

And with the encroaching night, if we are cloudless many stars will become visible.  The skies of the Charente Maritime are wide, and frequently very clear, making star gazing an added bonus to your holiday!  There is generally low light polution, although the view becomes much better once the street lights in the village are turned off just after 11pm, whereupon if you are lucky you can better explore the night skies from the comfort of our own gardens.  

Recline, pour a drink, watch the stars and mull on the beauty of our universe. 

(Photos taken from the garden of le Triskele, in April and August 2014, using high ISO settings, a tripod and a long  exposure)