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Tourist Tax (Taxe de Séjour)

How we calculate it

Please note that we are legally obliged to collect Tourist Tax (Taxe de Séjour).  This tax only applies to adults over the age of 18 years.  Tourism tax is not included in our tariffs.

With effect from 1 January 2019, the method for calculation of Tourist Tax has changed.  The tax is 5% of the total daily rental cost per occupant (including children) but is only payable by adults.  The tax per person is therefore variable, but is subject to a maximum of EUR2.30 per person per day.

This means that parties with children will pay less tax than parties comprised of adults only.  

For example, a cottage costs EUR450 to rent for one week.   There are two adults and two children below the age of 18.  The cost per night is EUR64.28, and per person per night is EUR16.07.  The tax payable by the two adults per day is therefore EUR16.07 x 5% x 2 = EUR1.61, or a total charge of EUR11.25 for the week.

However, if the same cottage is rented by two adults only, the daily rate per person becomes EUR32.14 and the tax payable per day is therefore EUR32.14 * 5% * 2, or EUR3.21, or EUR22.50 for the week.

We appreciate this is not fair, but unfortunately we didn't write the law!  

It is possible that, if you have booked with us through an online booking agency such as AirBnB or Booking.Com, you will have already paid a 'basic' tourist tax through the agency.  We may need to collect an additional sum to reflect the above calculations. 

We are obliged to account to the Communauté de Communes des Vals de Saintonge for 100% of the taxes collected by us from you.  

For more information, please see this notice