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Here are some places you won't want to miss

La Rochelle

Be sure to visit the old harbour of la Rochelle with its protective towers at the entrance (they used to string metal chain between the two to keep out invaders).  Pass through the well-preserved walls into the old town.  Take a boat trip to the Île d'Aix and Fort Boyard.  Enjoy a visit to the spectacular aquarium.

just over 50 miles from Villemorin.  

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Rochefort is a fascinating naval town. Make sure to visit the historic Arsenal and dockyard, where the replica of the frigate Hermione used by Lafayellte in the civil war is now complete.  The frigate visited the United States during the summer of 2015, but is now back home and available for visits.  Also visit the Cordierie Royale, the very long building where rope for sailing ships was originally manufactured.  The historic grid pattern streets are great to explore.   The Transborder Bridge is a fascinating historic artifact; the only one remaining in France.  Unfortunately, it is closed for renovations at the moment, but you can still visit it.

only 37 miles from home 

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Visit the well preserved centre of Poitiers.  Explore the many shops and cafes in the safe pedestianised streets, and view the Romanesque churches.

55 miles away 

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Don't fail to spend a day at Futuroscope, a technology based theme park with IMAX, 4D and 3D cinemas, plus plenty of attractions for all the family.  If you have the stamina, stay until the very end for the free evening show - lots of lasers, fountains, music and fireworks!  Very French - very 'son et lumiere'!

about 60 miles from the cottages, and around 20 minutes from Poitiers

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La Palmyre Zoo

The best zoo in Europe.  Buy a bag of popcorn and feed the giraffes!

60 miles from the cottages

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A prehistoric 'theme park', Paléosite has lots of neandertal life to explore, both indoors and out.  A great day for kids of all ages!

26 miles  away

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Explore the historic town of Cognac on the banks of the Charente river, visit the Cognac houses and learn how the famous brandy is made.

30 miles from Villemorin

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An ancient galo-roman town, Saintes offers lots to explore, particularly in the old town.  Make sure you visit the ampitheatre.

30 miles away

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Marais Poitevin ("Green Venice")

With its network of waterways, lush vegetation and verdant pastures, the Wet Marshes or Marais Mouillé of the Marais Poitevin is also known as France’s ‘Green Venice’. The ‘Marais’ or marsh as it means in English (Poitevin simply means that it’s in the Poitou area) stretches for miles and is made up of natural water channels and man-made canals as well as meadows, dykes and fens that are full of wildlife, including herons, kingfishers and deer. In spring and summer, the banks are filled with wildflowers. We recommend Coulon as a pretty town to explore with plenty of boat hire available, either just for rent, or escorted.  Otherwise, try Damvix.  Why not pay a visit and hire a boat.

Coulon is around 36 miles from the cottages.

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An easy twenty-five minute drive from Villemorin Zoodyssée can be found in the forest of Chizé and provides a great day out and a chance to see a host of European animals Wolves, Foxes, Bison, Snakes and Vultures to name but a few.  You can take the long walk around or you can catch the horse drawn cart. There is a smaller area with Rabbits Porcupines etc., Restaurant & picnic area available.

only 13 miles from Villemorin

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