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Saint Savinien sur Charente

Saint-Savinien is around 20 minutes from St Jean D'Angely, and can be visited en route to the Chateau de la Roche Courbon.   

Saint-Savinien is a pretty village on the banks of the Charente, and good fun to explore for an hour or so.  

On the 'St Jean' side of the river, to the left there is a small street with shops and bars.  Look out for the museum of minatures, glass cases of minature scenes of old.  A simple pleasure, but a very pleasant owner and only EUR2!  On the other side of the main road, a brisk walk up through the village will lead you to the pleasant church with splendid views over the Charente. 

Crossing the bridge onto the Island of le Mung, be prepared to turn right into the car park, where you can have a walk, a picnic, or enjoy the boating lake with minature vessels; great for kids!