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The Tennis Club d'Aulnay has three open air tennis courts which are available to hire throughout the year.  They are located on the avenue de l'Eglise opposite the church, and bookings can be made at the nearby tourism office.

Matha has two open air courts located in the Parc des Charmilles (rue de Dr Goyrard).

In St Jean d'Angely, there are several indoor and outdour courts at the Centre Georges Neuville.   This is located on the Faubourg Saint-Eutrope at the Zone Industriel du Graveau.  The easiest way to get there is -when you get to the large roundabout at the end of the road down from Aulnay,  go straight ahead into Saint Julien.  Continue to wind through the small village; on exit you will cross the river Boutonne.   About 200 yards thereafter you will see a small shop called Axtem on the left; turn left just thereafter, at the big E leClerc sign, and proceed down that road - the entrance is to your right, just before the rail bridge.