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Directions to Le Triskèle

Les Cottages le Triskèle are situated in Villemorin

Our Location

Our address is 5 rue de l'Eglise, 17470 Villemorin.  We are situated approximately 5 minutes drive east of Aulnay-de-Saintonge, in the Charente-Maritime (department 17) of Nouvelle Aquitaine.  Further travel instructions can be found in the following links, depending on whether you plan to arrive by Sea/EurotunnelAir or Rail

Google Maps:

Find us in google maps using this link in your browser.  


What3Words is a great way to find us; a location can be found to within 3 metres simply by entering its three unique words.  The three words for le Triskele Cottages are SHED.OXYGEN.READIER, which points directly to our front gates.

What3Words is available as an app or on your browser.  In your browser, simply click here or type/click the following 'www.what3words.com/shed.oxygen.readier   This location points directly to our front gates.  Click on the three vertical dots, then on the navigation logo on the right hand side to link you to your preferred mapping solution.  

Caution on using Our Postcode: 

Please be aware that unlike in the UK, French postal codes can cover wide areas - in our instance the postal code 17470 extends to around twenty villages, several of which have a 'rue de l'eglise', so please make sure you are heading to the right place! - Villemorin is situated between Aulnay de Saintonge and Néré.   

Map Coordinates: 

You can find us using our GPS coordinates.  Most SatNavs use either degrees minutes and seconds (often abbreviated as o, ' and ") or degrees and fractions.  Please be careful to use the correct values for your system.  The following references once entered should take you right to the heart of Villemorin.  If you cannot clearly see the village as your destination, try entering the other options!    Our GPS satellite navigation references are:

Longitude: -0.295836

If you are given the choice, enter 'West'; if not, you might have to enter a negative sign before the following - enter either -0 degrees 17 minutes 45.0096 seconds, or -0.295836.

Latitude: 46.002687

If asked, enter 'North'. Enter the latitude either as 46 degrees, 0 minutes, 9.6732 seconds, or 46.002687